• Copywriting in Italian: why it’s important to have your copy written by a native speaker

    Copywriting in Italian

    Copywriting in Italian • 02.04.2021

    When thinking about your multilingual content, you should remember that there is no such thing as an “international audience”. In fact, you should instead think about distinctive national audiences.

    If you want to boost your business in Italy, copywriting in Italian is the key to crafting texts and marketing materials that are tailored to an Italian audience. And if you really want to make an impact, you should rely on an Italian native copywriter. Let me tell you why.

    Why it’s so important to have your copy written by a native speaker

    Good copy is important for all kinds of traditional content (printed materials, such as brochures, catalogues, flyers, and magazines) but it’s particularly important in the digital era, where your message can instantly reach your audience through websites, social media, SEO, and marketing campaigns.

    If you want to create a text from scratch for your Italian readers, you should keep in mind that only an Italian native copywriter will have an in-depth knowledge of the language but also of Italian culture and customs.

    Italian copywriters should consider that the way your copy is written matters just as much as the message you’re trying to convey. That is to say, your reader should feel like they are the only reader you’re talking to, and should perceive your message as authentic and crafted especially for them. Consequently, you should rely on a language professional who understands that copywriting in Italian means more than just correct Italian grammar and style: it is a way to convey your message to the Italian market with no barriers.

    Remember that Italians grow up reading and studying their rich literary history so they expect very high quality in the texts they encounter, however, these texts should also sound natural and up-to-date.

    An example? The Italian language is full of adjectives, some of which have been used and abused and are no longer effective. A good Italian copywriter knows which ones to choose and which to steer away from.

    ​Have your copy localized and written by an Italian native speaker

    Italy has a very long history when it comes to language. In fact, the country has historically been a melting pot of different populations and when it became a unified country in 1861, only a very limited part of the population spoke Italian. Naturally, the situation has changed over the centuries and now the whole country speaks a unified idiom but the richness of the Italian language is still alive.

    This small excursus into the history of language is important to understand what happened to the diffusion of the Italian language abroad. In fact, when Italy became a unified country, Italians started to emigrate, especially towards the United States of America, and brought with them the language they were speaking at that time. This means that a different Italian evolved in parallel in different countries. Anglo-Italian slang is now so widely diffused that a lot of its words are thought to be authentic Italian words, but are, in fact, very hard for Italians to understand.

    Italian native translators and copywriters are well aware of this. As an Italian language professional, I’ve seen many marketing campaigns created and internally localized by international companies that just sound wrong to a native speaker.

    Copywriting in Italian means taking into consideration the status of the Italian language at present, and this is not limited to correct grammar and style, but also to the use of neologisms and slang.

    It’s also important to remember that Italian linguists can become reliable partners to help you reach your Italian audience without hiccups. As we’ve already seen, an Italian native translator and copywriter can help you navigate through the customs and culture of Italy. This means that some red flags – regarding culture, religion, or even legal matters – will be pointed out during the Italian copywriting process, so you will always be aware of how your content might be perceived.

    I’ll be more than happy to be a reliable partner for you while you expand your business in Italy. If you need an Italian copywriter who can give your copy an authentic Italian touch, reach out to me, I’ll be happy to help you with your Italian copywriting needs.

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