The translation process doesn’t end with the first draft in the target language.

Revising the translated text is an indispensable step. It can be carried out by the same linguist who produced the translation or, even better, by another translator.

My revision service is designed to guarantee the quality of your translated texts.

For content translated from English or French into Italian, I personally see to rereading and revising translations produced by other language professionals.

For texts translated from Italian into English, French, German or Spanish, meanwhile, I can provide the same standard of revision thanks to a network of trusted collaborators.

The revision process can identify typos, grammatical errors, issues of style, mistakes in the translation or the misuse of terms that the initial translator may not have noticed.

With some texts, a more comprehensive or different sort of revision may be necessary.

You might have the feeling that your text has been translated by someone who is not a native speaker of the target language, or who has the right specialized expertise for your sector. Or it may be that you are not getting the results you expected from your sales pages, or you have noticed that your customers are not finding the answers they need in your promotional materials.

Translating a text properly needs more than just knowledge of the languages involved. You need to know how to translate. It isn’t something just anyone can do. Not only do you need to translate into your native language, you also need to be specialized in the right sector.

The Internet is full of websites that have been translated by people who have ignored these basic rules, and you will find a lot of poor quality content that is immediately recognizable as a “translation”.

To help avoid this, I offer a FREE ANALYSIS service. Having briefly looked over your translated texts, I will give my impartial opinion of the quality – whether they are well written, poorly written or even just need a few adjustments – providing specific examples to illustrate and support my evaluation. Of course, it is then up to you how and IF you want to proceed.

You will notice that I don’t include a list of prices per word or per page on this site. This is because each project has to be analyzed and assessed in terms of the service required and the nature of the content. I will be pleased to send you a free quotation; just send me an email with the details of what you need and we can take it from there.

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