My name is Laura Tenorini and I offer translations and language services to help you communicate with the Italian market.

Even though we live in such a globalized world, we still aren’t able to communicate effectively due to language barriers. However, an effective communication is the main tool we can use to let the world know our message and the products and services we have to offer.

Using one of my specialized services, your texts will be approached professionally and respectfully in order to maintain their original meaning.

Investing in professional language services means investing in high-quality communications!

Learn more about me and my services and how I can help you remove the language barriers that hinder your communication.


Professional translation services specializing in Marketing and Tourism.


Final check of translated documents to spot mistakes and typos, if any.


Localized rewriting of translated texts to adjust them to the target culture.


Headlines, taglines, and copy containing keywords provided by the client.


Literary translation of children’s literature, comics, and non-fiction.

What clients say about me

“Laura is always thorough, professional, friendly, and detail oriented. She promptly addresses any questions and concerns we may have and helps us provide multilingual projects to our clients by using her expertise in Italian language and culture.”

– Rafa Lombardino, Word Awareness, Inc.

“Working with Laura has always been a great pleasure. You are sure she will always deliver the best possible results while making sure, throughout the whole process, to understand what the job is about and how best she can deliver it.

A great professional!”

– Rafael Ribeiro, Oban International

“Great translator. Prompt, reliable and professional.”

– Michael J McCann, InfoMarex Translations

“Laura has been working with us since 2010. We find her manner to be professional and courteous and she delivers projects on time.”

– Robin Gordon-Stables, Icon Language Services

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