• Three reasons why you should translate your tourist information into Italian

    Three reasons why you should translate your tourist information into Italian

    Marketing translation • 08.03.2021

    Translating your tourist information into Italian is quintessential if you want to expand your business in Italy. In fact, your future Italian clients are just waiting to find you but make sure you catch their attention using their language!

    As we have already seen, including translation in your content strategy is a good way to boost your business and brand reputation online. Now, if you work in the tourism industry, let me give you three reasons why your potential Italian customers are more likely to find your website and go through the booking process if your tourist information has been translated into Italian.

    A good tourism translation service will:

    1) Help your clients find you;

    2) Build your clients’ trust in you;

    3) Create a memorable experience for your clients.

    Let’s go through these points.

    Italians search for tourist information in their own language

    It’s not easy to compete for your client’s attention among all the information available on Google so keep the following tips in mind if you want to be memorable.

    ​1) Help your clients find you

    Having your tourist information translated into Italian will mean that your website is more easily found on search engines. For example, Google and Bing rank websites according to their relevance to searched terms so your potential customers are more likely to find your website on the first pages if you have been translating all the terms of your tourist texts.

    2) Create a memorable experience for your clients

    Customers don’t trust poorly translated websites. In 2021, we’re constantly bombarded by emails trying to scam us, and users are getting more and more cautious when it comes to their online behavior. This is especially true if you provide booking for accommodation. In fact, people should feel confident about giving you their personal and credit card details, and a text in broken Italian is no way to earn their trust. The only way you can do it is by providing them with a professionally translated website.

    ​3) Provide your clients with a memorable experience

    Whether on your travel portal or in your hotel, offer your Italian customers an experience they won’t forget. First of all, remeber that the joy of every trip starts while planning it so let your customers pre-emptively discover what they will find during their journey. Then, provide them with easy access to all the information they need in order to make the most of their holiday. That is to say, again, translate all your tourist information into Italian.


    ​Entrust a professional tourism translator

    Now that you know why it is important to translate your tourist information into Italian, don’t forget to do it with the help of a professional translation service provider. In other words, entrust an Italian translator who is specialized in tourism and who will be able to guide you in all the Italian content you may be missing.

    Just to give you an example, did you know that a common term Italians use and search for when planning trips is “ponte”, which literally translates to “bridge”? In fact, Italians call “ponte” any day added to a holiday in order to extend it. For example, in 2021, the “Festa della Repubblica” (the anniversary of the Italian Republic, on June 2nd) will be on a Wednesday, giving some lucky Italians the chance to enjoy a very long “ponte” starting from the previous Saturday.


    Don’t miss the chance to attract new Italian visitors! I have more than 15 years’ experience in this field and I can definitely help you with the translation and revision of your tourist and travel information. Drop me a line and let’s expand your business in Italy!

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